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Matt Peterson

Wealth Planner

Phone: (913) 491-6226

Matt Peterson is a wealth planner at Prime Capital Investment Advisors in Overland Park with a passion for helping others. Always one to think analytically and with solutions at the forefront of his mind, he knew he wanted to become a financial advisor when he saw his parents do their best to navigate the financial crisis of 2008. Though he was still young, he saw the toll it took on them, especially as their personal advisor tried to play the market instead of preparing for then adjusting and adapting to the presented circumstances.

Now, he has nearly a decade of experience in the financial services industry, and he has fully established principles he shares eagerly with each of his clients. “There’s no secret sauce,” Matt says. “It’s about streamlining your plan and making sure all of the moving parts work in conjunction with one another. Then, with one singular vision, we can plan for your goals in a tax-efficient manner, all while creating solutions and vehicles for retirement income.”

He’s currently licensed to work throughout the United States and is thrilled to have the ability to serve clients no matter how far they are from the Kansas City area. He holds his Series 7 and 66 registrations, allowing him to provide holistic financial planning services for clients, regardless of their goals or circumstances. Matt initially came to Prime Capital with experience in the banking industry, working with ultra-high-net-worth clients to service all of their banking, lending, investment management and financial planning needs. Now he has his eyes set on a different level of care.

Oftentimes, Matt’s service is deeper and more personal than clients and prospects have come to expect from a typical financial advisor. He takes pride in offering extremely individualized solutions, helping clients reach their unique goals through holistic planning, cash flow analysis, tax-efficient planning, wealth-transfer planning, income and investment planning, and more. He also works with many business owners to find strategies that match both projections and objectives. Though sometimes kept separate, business funds and personal funds are naturally intertwined, and he believes that his approach and analysis of a person’s vision can help him bring their dreams to life.

Both naturally and because of his experience in an industry as detail-oriented as banking, Matt enjoys the scrupulous, data-driven work it takes to help clients as an advisor and wealth planner. At the same time, he believes that the importance lies in the big picture. Matt says, “I believe in looking at someone’s circumstances as one living, breathing system. Nevertheless, if one part isn’t functioning at peak efficiency, the entire plan can become ineffective. That’s why I focus on eliminating rogue accounts and assigning purpose to each individual element of a plan.”

Even with his notable experience, Matt never gets tired of helping clients and seeing the smiles on their faces when they finally establish a plan that puts their goals within reach. It remains his favorite thing about his job, and the satisfaction of helping to position others for a long, durable and successful retirement has become addicting. “Every day when I walk into the office, I try to make people’s lives easier,” Matt says. “I know that money isn’t everything, but I’ve certainly seen the power it has to enhance someone’s life and alleviate stress, and I love to give money purpose and make it work for my clients.”

Even with clients around the country, Matt’s heart belongs to the Overland Park and Kansas City areas. He was born and raised in Shawnee and achieved his bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting in Lawrence at the University of Kansas in 2017. In college, he brought life to his dream of playing Division I baseball as a pitcher for the Jayhawks. To this day, he still loves playing and watching baseball, and he holds onto so many of the lessons he learned as a college athlete. “In sports, the most important factor is the behind-the-scenes grunt work. Without the proper preparation, you can’t succeed on gameday. Financial planning is extremely similar in that way,” Matt says.

Matt also loves spending his spare time golfing, staying active, being around his friends and family, and exploring new outdoor areas with his golden retriever Calvin. The natural caretaking and nurturing abilities that led him into this industry were first established by his family, with whom he remains extremely close. Knowing how important his family is to him, he aims to give each of his clients the type of service he’d want his loved ones to receive.

“My mission is to leave the world a better place than I found it,” Matt says. “I’ve been so blessed thus far both personally and professionally, and I truly want to pass that on to others. For me, this is where I think I can have the greatest positive impact on the most lives, and I’ll always look to help people achieve greater and greater financial goals.”

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Confidence and peace of mind can be simple to achieve with the right guidance. I’m here to help.

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Matt and the team at Prime Capital Investment Advisors are uniquely qualified to offer customized strategies for individuals, families and business owners. We aim to go above the limitations of typical financial advisors with complete, holistic services for the purpose of achieving confidence and security. We work in all phases of your financial lifecycle, from accumulation to distribution to transition, and we can help you design a plan that works to secure your future and protect your family for generations. Below is a list of ways we can help you with a personalized plan!

  • Financial Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Tax Efficiency Planning*
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Alternative Investment Strategy
  • Life Insurance Planning
  • Retirement Plan Advisory
  • Business Succession Planning

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Matt Peterson

Wealth Planner
Prime Capital Investment Advisors, LLC

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Phone: (913) 491-6226
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Matthew Peterson

Wealth Planner

Phone: (913) 491-6226
Toll-Free: (800) 493-6226